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  • A wonderful account...


"Fire, Folly and Fiasco is a wonderful account of the origins and growth of Manitoba’s museums from 1870 to 1970. It celebrates the many people who volunteered their time and efforts, persevering in the face of so many obstacles, to preserve Manitoba’s history until a provincial museum would be established in 1970. They richly deserve credit for not giving up. This book makes a valuable addition to the province’s history, especially as we celebrate in 2020 The Manitoba Museum’s 50th anniversary and Manitoba’s 150th."


  - Jim Blanchard, retired University of Manitoba librarian and author of Winnipeg's Great War: A City Comes of Age; Winnipeg 1912; and A Diminished Roar: Winnipeg in the 1920s.


  • A masterful job...


"Dr. Burns has done a masterful job of presenting one hundred years of the ebb and flow of efforts to establish a true provincial museum in Manitoba. Speaking as someone who has tried at different times to ferret out the story, from meeting minutes and sparse records, I found this summary tale very welcome. And important. Anyone whose memories include time spent in the ‘Old Auditorium’ Museum will appreciate this chance to revisit. And all of us who have worked to preserve and share the fascinating record of Manitoba’s human and natural history will feel personally each painful step along the journey leading to the 1970 grand opening of The Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature (now The Manitoba Museum). My gratitude and hearty congratulations to the author."


Joanne DiCosimo, former Executive Director and CEO of The Manitoba Museum